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  • Edafe Onerhime

    Edafe Onerhime

    Edafe Onerhime specialises in making impact with data. Her motto: Data + Design + Culture. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her wife and cat. She/Her.

  • Guy Lipman

    Guy Lipman

    Fascinated by what makes societies and markets work, especially in sustainable energy. Views not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

  • Open Data Manchester

    Open Data Manchester

    Promoting a fairer and more equitable society through the development of responsible and intelligent data practice

  • Ben Lidgey

    Ben Lidgey

    I have always made things. Now I help others to make things by helping them to improve their Agile and DevOps practices, while always enjoying life to the max.

  • Simon Worthington

    Simon Worthington

    Founder @RegDyn, ex @DefraData & @gdsteam. Committee @BCSOSSG. Things I do: data audit tech, personal data systems, humans+data, helping my dad with his laptop.

  • Dutch Steak

    Dutch Steak

    A coder, a rambler...and now wondering if maybe design and actual art, very different, should form my future...

  • Nicky


    Delivery Manager - interested in all things agile, digital and data, working on organisational change. All opinions my own.

  • Lucy Kennedy

    Lucy Kennedy

    Technical Officer working on (Views mine.) Ex-#gdsteam. Girl Guider. Likes digital stuff, making things better, and chocolate.

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