Nobody Likes Code Reviews

Judgemental Pigeon Disapproves
  1. Nobody likes code reviews
  2. The right attitude to code reviews goes a long way, both for individuals and for the business
  1. Explaining things to others is hard and boring.
  2. Being “wrong” is difficult.
  • Respect for the person reviewing, whether they’re more senior, junior, or an equal peer — without this, we cannot be open to suggestions from them. (And vice versa, it is essential to respect the person whose work is being reviewed. This mutual respect is the key part of the “contract” underlying reviewing each other’s work.)
  • Patience to explain something (often to someone who may otherwise have no idea about context)
  • Clear communicationstorytelling about what you’ve done (and not done), and (more importantly) why you’ve done or not done it
  • An inquisitiveness that opens us up to collaboration, to help explore feedback and suggestions arising from review.



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Lead tech at OCSI, making data friendly for social good. Likes words. Doesn't really own a bowler hat.