Not quite weeknotes

2 min readApr 1, 2020

Staccato crashes, lined up by some global synth machine stuck on an algorithm deep in layers. I currently feel a bit like each day rolls over me, into me, like a heavy square wave. 5 brass hits in a row. Which is all why I’m posting a quick midweek week note, to note that my weeks aren’t really geared up for writing weeknotes at the moment…

Over on my personal blog, I wrote about repairing disrupted rhythms. The rhythms and loops are in place now, but there’s not much downtime. Wake up. Do morning stuff, get kids ready, have breakfast, etc. My wife and I are juggling homeschooling and our (remote) work by splitting the days half-and-half, tag-time at 1pm.

It’s great in some ways — I love spending time with the boys and I do like remote working, but I’m squeezed for time, and haven’t worked out how to take breaks properly yet. So 9am-1pm working, then bang, the kids come in to tell me time’s up, and then it’s 1–5pm delving into phonics, maths, anglo-sarong history, trampoline fixing, or whatever we decide it’s time for. Dinner. Bedtime. Tidying. Collapse. Sometimes the morning and afternoon swap over, but it’s the same endurance run.

It’s not too bad during the day. It’s only around 6pm I really remember I haven’t taken a break, or 5pm if lunch was too small.

Writing in the evening hasn’t been foremost. I’ve been finishing off watching This Country on iplayer, migrating my own websites to a new server, and watched Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ over a couple of evenings.

So weeknotes may be more sketchy in the near future — if that’s possible. There’s certainly interesting stuff going on. Maybe I’ll try something more sporadic, but specific, when the time is right — my own personal retro, or something.

But anyway, outside there are three new moorhen chicks on the local pond. Welcome to Spring.

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