The energy of consciousness is a tricky bugger I reckon. A lot of the old Chinese alchemy stuff goes into different kinds of energy, how the body converts between them, and where to focus it — I never really (yet) understood it, but it also feels sensible. Food energy, converted into body energy, converted into moving/thinking/feeling energy. Basic physics… 😉

The brain can push the body, not to get energy directly, but to get into a context and environment that generates energy. The body and the habitual part of the brain will fight back, because we’re necessarily creatures of habit. Changing habit takes a lot of energy in itself, so it can be like pushing a rocket into outer space, resisting the momentum of gravity and the ease of being on earth.

Little things can make a difference — stretching for 1 minute after getting out of bed, or making your bed as soon as possible. Almost symbolic perhaps, but it helps to knock the habitual brain out of its cycles, readjusting the orbit from the point of waking, before yesterday has a chance to load into the memory properly.

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