This is something we've found too, even being 'privileged' I guess - we're not short on space, but with 2 kids and a 'functional' house, there just aren't many spaces to sit which are comfortable, have a decent background, wifi and light. Especially with 2 of us working from home - there's a good chance of a meeting clashing with the washing machine, or another meeting going on.

Personally I can scrape it - I tend to only really chat to colleagues who are fine with mess/kids. But there are certain combos of work jobs and home environments which just don't mix (remote phone support?) and it feels like nobody's really talking about what the new *expectations* are. I don't know if that's a weird taboo thing, a British approach of "just getting on with it", or something else, but it feels like it's going to be one those unspoken conversations for the next 5 years. Maybe the smarter organisations will figure out co-working spaces and other alternatives?

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