Weeknotes 05x06: Putting the “Go” into Godzilla

bad mentor
godzilla peace
typing zilla


  • Ben Cubbon’s notes on starting out at OVO — in particular, his note on mission and values got me re-thinking about team mission and vision and values. I really want to try this out, but need to work out the right way to get it into the busy roadmap ahead.
  • A selection of high-quality PHP libraries — we don’t use many external libraries. There are obvious downsides to this, but on the upside, we have total control over our code and know exactly what changes are being made. Tough choice — should we opt to trade off some flexibility and “a known constant” for better quality, and possibly free improvements? Are there any other small companies out there actively choosing to eat their own dogfood?



  • Netflix’s new Godzilla anime. A timeline of 20,000 years in the future is quite comforting when you’re reading about the possibility of nuclear war.



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Lead tech at OCSI, making data friendly for social good. Likes words. Doesn't really own a bowler hat.